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Climate Change: Websites

"Climate change" is the preferred terminology to describe "global warming". It is more inclusive of the various phenomena involved.

Climate Portal

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has created a climate portal as an attempt to organize the sources and kinds of climate information.  It opens onto "ClimateWatch", an online magazine.  Other tabs are "Data & Services", "Understanding Climate" and "Education"

Here is a good summary:  About NOAA Climate Services Portal

Climate Change 101


Climate 411

"Climate 411 is the voice of the experts at Environmental Defense Fund, providing plain-English explanations of climate change science, technology, policy, and news."  The EDF is definitely a political player. Get the latest political news as well as science solutions.


The Center for Climate and Energy Solutions is a source of reliable information about the causes and potential consequences of climate change.Here are some of their articles to get you started.

Major Websites

U.S. Federal Agency Websites: