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What's a Style Guide and Why do I Need One?

Style guides have been developed to provide guidelines for a standardized presentation of research for publication.  These rules and procedures improve reading, accuracy, and respectful treatment in scholarly communication. The guides allow for standardized formatting of papers and consistency in how works are cited both in-text and in the list of references.Colleges and universities may require students to follow one of the recognized style guides for written classwork. Learning to use style guides also prepares students for future publication.

Why we cite? Citing your work is about more than just fulfilling the requirements for your assignment; it is a legal and ethical issue. Under U.S. Copyright Law, the creator of an original work (for example, an author) has the right to be credited for their work. Citations help to give credit where it is due and tells readers where the information came from.

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Citation Issues

E-book Readers pose the challenge of how to cite content that can be easily tracked down by readers.  New e-book readers pose such an issue.  The blog entry below explains the problems:

Citing Online Sources also presents new problems as technology changes. Here are some helpful articles on citing online sources - enjoy!


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