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Choose Privacy: About

Tips and best practices for maintaining personal privacy and online security

Choose Privacy Week

Big Data is Watching YouNational Park College Library is joining in the American Library Association’s annual event, Choose Privacy Week to promote the importance of individual privacy rights and celebrate libraries and librarians’ special role in protecting privacy in the library and in society as a whole.

We’ll be sharing tips for protecting your privacy online (social media, personal computing devices, email, etc.) at home and on the job. Visit NPC Library to browse for books on threats to personal privacy and ways to protect yourself.

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Featured Book on Privacy

Opposing Viewpoints

This database covers hot topics in current events, including many social issues. It is an excellent resource for students writing argumentative papers.  You can browse topics of your choice, or see featured Viewpoints listed below.

About Choose Privacy Week

"Choose Privacy Week is an initiative that invites library users into a national conversation about privacy rights in a digital age."

-American Library Association

Do you know your privacy rights? During Choose Privacy Week (and everyday!) we'd like to encourage you to get educated about your right to privacy. In this Internet Age, it is easy to share information over the web, but not everyone thinks about the implications of this. It is also easy to overlook the fact that our every move can be tracked. This guide will provide you with some resources to learn more about privacy issues in today's day and age.


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