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FAQs: Recurring Overdue Library Offenses

Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), policies and services at NPC Library.

Recurring Overdues

Recurring Overdue Library Offenses Policy

In order to ensure resource availability and access for students, the library has an overdue library materials offense policy. Students receive a three-day grace period for overdue books and DVDs. The library places a hold on the student’s NPC account if the items are not returned within the grace period. Overdue items may be renewed once on the first offense only.


First Offense

The students will have a hold placed on their NPC account after the grace period. Items may be renewed once. There is no penalty but the offense is noted on the student’s library account.

Second Offense

The second time library items are overdue in the same semester; the library will place a hold on student’s NPC account until items are returned. Overdue materials may not be renewed. The number of items that the student can borrow is now limited. The librarian records the offense on the student’s library account.

Third Offense

The third time library items are overdue in the same semester or 6-month period, there will be a hold placed on the student’s account until the items are returned. The student will then be restricted to in-house use of materials only.


 Exceptions may be granted due to unusual circumstances.