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FAQs: AV Materials

Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), policies and services at NPC Library.

AV Materials info

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AV Materials FAQs – what are AV materials; how to find AV items; cd & movie info; other AV info




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Audio-Visual Materials FAQs

What are AV Materials?

Does NPC Library have DVD movies?

Does NPC Library have CDs?

How do I search the catalog for A/V material?

How do I find your more recent movies?

I can't find the DVD or CD that I want.

How do I know where an item is located?

I found an item in the catalog, but I can't find it on the shelves.

How many AV items can I check out at one time?

What is the loan period for DVDs and CDs?

An item that I borrowed was lost/stolen/damaged. What should I do?

What is the fine/replacement fee for a lost/stolen/damaged item?

Can I check out reference materials?

Where should I return library items?