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FAQs: Miscellaneous

Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), policies and services at the NPC Library.

Miscellaneous info

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Miscellaneous FAQs – aka Did You Know?




Photo of students playing a game (left) & puzzle in progress (right)

Miscellaneous (a.k.a. questions you didn't even know to ask)

Can I re-charge at the library?

Yes, and in more ways than one!  The library has a mobile recharging station in the front of the library, near the Public Access Catalog (PAC) computer.  Continue reading for other methods of recharging your mobile devices – and yourself!

Ok - the library has books, movies, CDs and other stuff; what else does the library have to offer?

The library has a collection of games that can be played quietly in the library, or checked out for use at home.  We also have a collection of jigsaw puzzles (not available for checkout, but you are welcome to work on them in the library!)  Please see below for more information on the benefits of gaming & puzzling.

The library offers students and patrons several areas in which to study, read, or simply rest and recharge between classes.  Individuals can relax in comfortable, upholstered chairs in the library common area.  Individual study corrals are also available away from the common area.  Large tables can accommodate one or more for quiet study, and have power strips available for plugging in laptops and other devices. 

There are also study rooms, some of which are equipped with whiteboards and/or devices for viewing recorded materials. These rooms may be used by individuals or small groups for up to two hours at a time; please see a librarian to reserve a study/viewing room.

What kinds of games does the library have?

We currently have several types: board games, card games, dice games, dominoes and even an electronic Sudoku! Check out any of the following (links to game info & rules where available): 

How many games can I check out, and for how long?

You may check out up to two games at once, for a maximum of 2 weeks.

Are there benefits of playing board games?

Yes, according to

Sometimes I see a jigsaw puzzle on a table in the library; can anyone work on it?

Yes!  If you are interested, click on the following links to learn about:


Does the library have skeletons?

The Human Skeleton (click for source)

Yes, although not in a closet. The library has bones that may be checked out (one set at a time) for use in the library:
  • Left appendicular skeleton
  • Right appendicular skeleton
  • Axial skeleton & hyoid
  • Skull (2 pieces)

Did you know?

  • You can read an e-book online, or download for up to 2 weeks (see info on Books & eBooks)
  • The library also has CDs, DVDs, & audiobooks (see info on AV materials)
  • You can do research on your ancestry (go to Heritage Quest on the A-Z database list)
  • Books & movies that are used in special displays can be checked out
  • If you can’t find it here, we might be able to find it for you at another library (ask a librarian about Inter-Library Loans)

Can I connect with the NPC Library on Social Media?

Yes!  Please connect with us on Twitter or Instagram!

What was the original search engine?

A librarian  :)

Librarian at card catalog